Two WR superstars Hopkins and Adams should be on Bears' radar
Hopkins will likely be traded this offseason (Mark Rebilas - USA Today Sports)

Two WR superstars Hopkins and Adams should be on Bears' radar

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Despite the Bears making a ton of moves last offseason, none of them were expected to do much for this team. Apart from the Chase Claypool move, which could pay off next season, the Bears still need more playmakers, especially at the skill positions. With a ton of money to spend next offseason, look for them to invest in at least one skill position player to give Justin Fields something to work with in year three.

To Fields credit, he has improved greatly in his second year and continues to show he could be the franchise QB the Bears have been searching for. However, his passing needs a ton of work, which he must work on this offseason. Granted, the Bears didn't give him much to work with in terms of WRs this season; it will be up to Fields to get together with his guys this summer and form the chemistry needed to succeed.

With all the talk about what the Bears might do in free agency, there is also the possibility of some trades happening, and two uncertain futures could wind up asking for a trade. Should that happen, it would take a lot to get a deal done, but it would likely solve this team's skill position issue.

When you talk about the elite receivers in the game, Justin Jefferson, Jamar Chase, Cooper Kupp, Tyreke Hill, Davante Adams, and DeAndre Hopkins are some of the names out there. Hill signed a brand new deal in Miami this season. Kupp will be extended sooner rather than later, while Jefferson and Chase will reset the WR market when they become free agents.

However, the other two names on that list are the ones to discuss here, as their uncertain future could see them ask for a trade.

Davante Adams

Would Chicago be willing to give up a king's ransom for either guy? Probably not, but you must consider getting something done to help this team. When it comes to Adams, the Bears are all too familiar with him, as he gave them nightmares for eight seasons with the Packers. When a deal with Green Bay couldn't get done, and they shipped him off to Vegas, the fans in Chicago were thrilled, and Adams soon signed a long-term extension with the Raiders.

Fast forward six months and Vegas is out of the playoff picture, with Adams best friend Derek Carr now riding the bench. Carr has also been told that the Raiders plan to shop him this offseason ending the relationship that Adams wanted to rekindle. With that being the case, Adams may take it upon himself to ask for a trade, as Carr was the reason he chose the Raiders in the first place.

Given how many years he has left on his deal, it would take a boatload of an agreement to bring him in, but if you did find a way, he instantly becomes your franchise receiver. How fun would it be to see him torture the Packers twice a season compared to the other way around?

DeAndre Hopkins

While I find it highly unlikely that Adams goes anywhere, Hopkins is more interesting, and it makes more sense to see him on the trade block this summer. Hopkins has widely been viewed as the best WR in football mainly because of the QBs he has played with and the Numbers he put up.

Once he was traded to Arizona, those numbers got even better until he got hurt late last season and then was suspended for six games this season. Unlike Adams, Hopkins doesn't have a long-term deal and is only under team control for another year after this. That makes it easier to trade for him and would come at a significantly lower price.

You have seen what Hopkins can do with some of the worst QBs in the league. Imagine what he could do with Fields at the helm. I am not trying to get anyone's hopes up here or stir rumors. However, these are things to consider for the Bears next this offseason if they are intent on fixing their offense. These are the types of players the Bears need, and if given the opportunity, they can't miss.

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